• Kami

Dip Time

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Managing my depression and anxiety is a critical for not only myself, but everyone in my household. My battle began about ten years ago. At that time I used baking as my therapy. I focused on becoming a skilled baker, and fast forward to present day, I have a home baking business that gives me great pleasure. My partner recently suffered a second heart attack. Thankfully he survived and is home recovering. Unfortunately for me, it sent me to a place I thought I would not see again. I knew I had to get to work healing myself.

Baking was so therapeutic for me because it requires using your hands. That always helps my anxiety. However, baking is now my job, and I needed another hands-on project to help me work through my emotions. A close family member introduced me to dipping powder for nails. I realized rather quickly this is and was exactly what I needed. The finished product gave me a huge feeling of pride and accomplishment. It is proven when you look better, you feel better!! With the COVID-19 scare still present I take great pleasure in pampering myself in the safety of my home. I gave myself a gorgeous new set of nails yesterday and it instantly brightened my day! My family quickly noticed how much I enjoy it and respectfully give me my "dip time". Everyone benefits!!! I see myself "dipping" my way out of this state of gloom and continuing on in the future. Owner of Treats by Tresheca, loyal customer of Dipping Divas. Click this link to get to know me and access exclusive deals and more!

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