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Dipping Divas is Born

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

As a girl who has gotten her nails professionally done faithfully every two weeks, #COVID struck, and I was lost. Salons closed! What was I going to do? How long is this going to last? All questions that ran through my mind at the same time. The one selfish thing I did religiously as a single mom, was taken away. What would I do? There went my hour to myself where I could relax and feel pampered. The one thing that made me feel put together physically.

I immediately began to scour the internet for alternatives. Press-on nails? Okay, I guess I can try those! Then a friend suggested a #dipping nail powder. I thought, Alas! My hands will look pretty again. As I waited for my starter kit, I was excited and anxious! I bought some press-on, and they were okay. However, I did not feel the way I feel after going to the nail salon.

My kit arrived. It's here! Finally! I open it, and I read the instructions, I watch You-Tube videos. I'm ready, and my first dip came out okay. It's sufficient until the salons open, so I thought. I did another dip a week later because I wanted to try another color. It came out better than the first. Now, I think hey this is an economical alternative to the salon. Maybe I won't go back. As I carve out time to dip my nails, I notice how it relaxes me. I see how much I am beginning to like doing my dips.

I began to order more colors; well, there went the economic part, but I enjoyed dipping my nails. #diynails #dippingpowder

Then it happened, the supplier sold out of a few colors I wanted. I began to wonder if I could create my line, should I create a dipping line. At first, I thought that's crazy who would want to purchase anything I created? My next thought was where would I even start to do something like that. I then got inspired by a family member who was launching a product line that she designed herself. I became encouraged that I could do the same thing with something I enjoy.

I began researching, checking the internet, and searching for ways to make my idea a reality. I discussed it with some important people in my life and saw who encouraging and excited they were. They amazingly had more confidence in my idea than I did and encouraged me to pursue the idea. I felt invigorated. I immediately began sketching out ideas, concepts, thoughts that I had developed.

This idea quickly snowballed and gained momentum. I found partners to work with and talked to people who guided me in the right direction. Dipping Divas is born! We decided to open an online nail dipping powder boutique, designed for women of color!

Enjoyed reading this post? Let me know what you've been doing for your nails during #COVID. Click this link to get to know me and access exclusive deals and more!

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