• Kami

Dipping Divas LLC.

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Building this business has been fun, exciting, and interesting. We're learning our customers, and getting great feedback on things we can do to provide our customer's needs. We've moved from simply offering DIY dip powders to venturing into all-natural, essential oil lip gloss and eyelashes. As we are trying to expand, cater, and grow our customer base we've been receiving requests and ideas from those who have supported us. We want to be the go-to natural ingredient cosmetic brand, our customers come to first.

As the owner of this business, I want to be able to provide our customers with healthy beauty and cosmetic alternatives. I carefully review, and research every ingredient included in our products in an effort to ensure a healthy and natural cosmetic brand. I want all of my customers to know that I am and have put everything into this business. The hours and hours of research, making products, testing products, and shipping orders take a lot of time away from my family, but creating a natural, healthy product that my girls and you all can use makes it worth it. I tell myself over and over not to forget the reason I am doing this, FOR MY FAMILY!

I wanted to write another blog entry to thank all of the customers who have purchased from us, and want to encourage customers who have not yet purchased or discovered us to give us a try. I will try to be more consistent in documenting our journey with Dipping Divas, LLC. I sometimes struggle with balancing work, this business, and my two-year-old son, however, I am motivated to get all of these balls juggling. Click this link to get to know me and access exclusive deals and more!

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